Identify the change

The world around us has changed rapidly. We are just so busy in our daily unconscious routines that most of us do not notice the change and are fighting against it, rather than working for benefits it offers.

Controls in Society

People in daily discourse say that generation gap nowadays happen in 2-3 years, which took 20 years earlier. The choice and ideas of younger generations are drastically different (from ideas of sex to consciousness). The clash of thoughts inevitably happens and that becomes a major reason of conflict in our daily lives. Parents feel challenged by children, managers feel their juniors are much verbose and out of control,  corporate now feel challenged by society, governments feel challenged on transparency by citizens. All these higher entities actually are in fear of losing control.

“Today, it is infinitely easier to to kill a million people than to control a million people.”- Zbigniew Brzezinski, former policy advisor to Obama, CFR and Trilateral Commission founder, lamenting about how the global political awakening is making it increasingly difficult to control the masses.

Identifying the phenomenon

Communities fighting back for their rights or self identity are misled from seeing the bigger picture. For example, fight of Telugus for Telangana is not only about their identity; the fight is more for empowerment. Central government is trying to increase it’s power ambit and communities are fighting back for more autonomy. However, getting Identity is a step towards reaching to empowerment, but is not empowerment.

There are many dirty tricks in the bag of ‘powers that be’ to make masses lose their way on steps and not reach the final goal of empowerment of common man. Masses get swayed by ‘controlled’ media and start to rally around a person or a non-important idea which seems big. Late do masses realise that it is ’empowerment’ which needs to be demanded. People in power know this well and either they keep your focus on frivolous things or will just talk about it. Acting on ’empowerment’ of common man is uncommon. Rarely do masses realize that what they were following is just one more illusion propped by the establishment to stay in power. Examples abound in Indian political space – Chiranjeevi, Chandrashekhar Rao, Arvind Kejriwal.

Result of Egypt revolution was Muslim Brotherhood government. People were back to streets within one year to pull down the new government. Reason: The establishment failed to release control and empower people.

I am clear that people are not behind person Narendra Modi, they are behind ideas of Narendra Modi. Results of Gujarat development are measured by improved socio-economic indicators which are a result of smaller government, less control and empowerment of people. I find this reason as DNA of his popularity among younger generations. Check Shri Narendra Modi addressing Network 18 Think India Dialogue in this Youtube Video and this New York Times article.

Before the critical mass (sufficient numbers who can force change) see this illusion, establishments around the world are implementing the Big Brother society at breakneck speed to further increase this control. However, more they try to suppress, more of it exposed. Same Edward Snowden is seen as a hero by masses and criminal by the establishment. Acts like SOPA, PIPA, so called piracy control are also in the same league. Few basic examples on Big Brother are on this Firstpost article, this First Post article and this NewsLaundry article. Economic Times removed this article but can be accessed by Google cache.

Those who saw recently released Man of Steel will remember the last scene where Superman destroys a surveillance drone. Superman also doesn’t like intrusion to privacy and control on common citizens.

Why you didn’t notice this? 

Macaulay’s education system created clones since last 100 years. We have lost intelligence and ability to see the bigger picture. Most of us think in the same manner. To ‘Think’ is not common.

Education system

We were trained to use the left side of our brain.


Workers prepared by Macaulay education system were meant for consumption into industrial age. With advent of internet the game changed drastically. Computers promoted in daily life to speed up humans and production, now interconnected humans like never before (esp via Social Media). People who could see the illusion started making others aware. People are waking up to the illusion in unprecedented way today and refuse to be ‘controlled’. Social Media is hence derided by these establishments and Sardesais, Roys and Dutts (Mainstream Media). They are losing the control to set discourse of discussion.

This system does not create people of intelligence; this system only creates people of good memory—and that’s what is needed. We need clerks, we need stationmasters, we need postmasters—and these people don’t need intelligence, they need a good memory – Vice Chancellor, Jabalpur University to Osho – Read this wonderful memoir here.

This transition of Industrial Age to Knowledge Age is giving the uneasy feeling to powers that be. As Shri Narendra Modi says, India has led the world in earlier knowledge age which produced our rishis and vedas and so will also do it this time in 21st century. This is already visible. Establishments and industries around the world have Indian brains in most prominent positions. Cost factor in IT industry as widely known is secondary; bigger factor is Indian brain. Course correction and direction is however required.

With more people awakening to this control everyday, there will be more controls to repress and more pushbacks (alike from children, employees and citizens). This is a best reality show to watch!

What can WE do about it?

All the world outside is your inner projection. If you will try to change world outside, you will find yourself running after a mirage. Gandhi correctly said:


In your various roles of parent, teacher, manager, bureaucrat, official, politician: you need to release control. Look at your ego. It is a roadbloack in your spiritual and intellectual growth. Accept responsibility. Always stand for the ethics taught by your parents and your guru. Avoid shortcuts which you take to avoid the karma. Life is impossible without karma and painful with half-hearted karma. Stop procrastination. Stop blame game. Drop the fear. All the ills in society are because we as a person refuse to take a stand for right. A mother should stop expecting Bhagat Singh to be from neighbour’s home. Society today need lions, not sheep.

Always treat the next person as your brother, sister or child.  Scolding to improve is good as parent does this with love in his/her intention. This is the essence of Vasudhaiv Kutumbkum.

As a leader (parent, teacher, manager, bureaucrat, official, politician), make the policies around people and not people around policies. A man follows on inspiration and not force. There would definitely be resistance around the change. Humans are not comfortable with change or another person’s success. On success, a one below pulls you down, a one above pushes you below. Attitude matters more than knowledge and hardwork.

The transition to information age for human race would not be without birth pangs. Know and adapt now for success. In the end, you will succeed and so will the human race.

Gratitude to you for reading the post! I look forward for your thoughts in comments.

Love and Peace!